The Arts Society Ribble & Craven Exhibition of Arts & Skills, 7th July 2018

To celebrate The Arts Society’s 50th Anniversary, The Art Society Ribble & Craven held an ‘Arts and Skills Day’ on 7 July at Dutton Hall, Ribchester – home of President Andrew Penny and his wife Catherine.

The Society’s team of talented stitchers, led by Maureen King who envisioned the whole exhibition, displayed the kneelers recently completed for Stonyhurst College Sodality Chapel. Also displayed was the work of the Church Recording, Heritage Volunteers, Church Trail and Young Arts teams.

This was magnificently complemented by a wide range of paintings, ceramic pieces, textiles, jewellery, woodwork and furniture. There was the work of local painters, using oils or watercolour or etching needle or pencil, some of whom were quite well known and whose work had been seen elsewhere. But there were also unrecognised potters, quilters, clothing makers, jewellers, modellers and furniture makers. The work of over 30 people was on display. The Society is not one of the oldest Societies but it could be among the most talented. 

Refreshments were served both morning and afternoon at tables surrounded by the displays. Members had the chance to enjoy the artwork, to debate its merits, to renew friendships and above all to discover the previously unknown skills of fellow members. For those who wanted something different there was a challenging antiques quiz displaying twelve unusual objects from a candle douter to a sailmaker’s rubber.

Thanks to the exhibitors, visitors and organisers, it was a most enjoyable day.

Photo credits to Jeremy Rycroft and Joanne Bosonnet