Pottery Project 2016

A grant received from Ribble and Craven Young Arts allowed pupils from Year 3, aged 7 and 8, from Brookside Primary School, Clitheroe, to take part in a Pottery Project supporting their work on ‘Civilizations’.

  • Pupils researched both ancient Egyptian and Greek Civilizations. Tuition from potter Julie Miles
  • Pupils planned and sketched their designs, they were taught how to handle the clay and the tools
  • Egyptian Canopic Jar heads were created, wonderful designs emerged
  • A lot of concentration was needed.  Thumb pots which were used as a base to build Greek urns and vases

The grant also provided for all school staff to receive a training session on using clay and the school kiln to support work across the curriculum and ensure future sustainability

The project was well received by pupils, staff and parents

“I love feeling this clay”

“I think this looks like a real Canopic Jar head”

“It was amazing the level of skill the children demonstrated”

“Having a professional potter made all the difference the standard of work the children produced”