What we do

The aim of our society is to promote and advance the education of the public in the cultivation, appreciation and study of the decorative and fine arts and giving of aid to the preservation of the artistic heritage of the UK for the benefit of the public.

Because societies are independent, the decision-making process is truly devolved, making each society unique and rooted in local needs and cultures. Every member has the potential to become involved and help shape the future of their society.

We helps our members to feel confident to visit places of interest in the UK and abroad, through their organised trips and study days. We facilitate people who wish to contribute to our local and national heritage and art scene.

We engage with the public in several different ways. Members regularly attend lectures and events, forming friendships and strong links with local communities. Our volunteers give hundreds of hours to museums, galleries, historic houses and places of worship. We organise and fund projects in the community.

“NADFAS is an understated organisation – which actually achieves much much more than we take, or are given credit for. We believe that everyone in NADFAS should take pride in what we achieve at local and national level, because the difference we make in the world truly changes lives for the better”

Florian Schweizer, NADFAS Chief Executive

Welcome to our members

Each year the Committee holds a welcome party for new members. A social occasion, where we hope to make newcomers feel involved and valued.  We get a chance to get to know you better and it’s an opportunity for new members to find out more about our activities, what might interest them and the many ways to get involved.

“What drives me is the love of the arts and the pleasure of meeting new people and enthusing them with all that NADFAS has to offer – friendship, fun and finding out!”