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Arts Volunteering

Arts Volunteering

Arts Volunteering volunteers give grants to arts projects in their local community. In a time of cuts and changes to the national curriculum, this has never been more important to support access to the arts. Working with schools, community and youth groups, Arts Volunteers support a wide range of projects. They are passionate about the benefits that creativity and arts education can bring to the local area.

Arts Volunteering at Ribble & Craven exists to encourage Young People to pursue their interest in Art. Over the years we have made grants to numerous local schools to help them with various art projects.  If you are inspired to help others to have the opportunity to discover the arts, contact us and ask to speak to the Arts Volunteering representative to find out more about how to become a volunteer.
WHALLEY Church of England PRIMARY SCHOOL grant funding

The project that we part funded at Whalley C 0F E Primary school was very successful. Alex Markham led the event, the school held an arts week, culminating in an exhibition of all the work. The younger children had a trip to the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, the first time many of them had ever visited.


ART4ALL provide art lessons for disadvantaged adults who may have special education needs too. All lessons are provided free of charge.

They meet weekly at the Salvation Army in Clitheroe, Ribble & Craven Arts Society were delighted to grant funds to this worthwhile cause. “We had a great meeting with the art group and we were lucky to arrive at their Christmas party. Such a brilliant experience!” Glenda Lees, Ribble & Craven Arts Volunteering representative. ARTS4ALL was started in 2019 by Frank Freeman Ruddock, we were pleased to be able to donate £250 to this delightful group

St Mary’s C of E Primary Academy

St Mary’s C of E Primary Academy at Newchurch received funding for a Willow Project.

This enabled the pupils to learn to create objects using willow.  The willow artist who worked with them also constructed a growing willow dome over a small area of the playground,  this was designated as a ‘Peace Place’ where children can sit and be away from the hustle and bustle of the school day.

The headteacher Pauline Nightingale has sent profound thanks to the Society for making possible this inspiring experience for the children of St Mary’s.

We look forward to seeing how the live willow progresses over the years.

Below are some of their creations:

St Wulstons RC Primary School 2019
“These drawings were produced by key stage 1 pupils, exploring the 5 ‘Catholic W’s’ ~ Welcome, Word, Worship, Welfare & Witness.
The children’s individual artworks were made into badges as well as making up the popsters which were displayed in reception.
This project was supported by the University of Central Lancashire to promote art in schools and funded by a grant supplied by The Arts Society Ribble & Craven” Jane Souyave, Course Leader UCLAN
Whalley C of E School 2019
Quote from headmaster –
“Good afternoon Glenda
On behalf of the school, I would like to say a huge thank you to the Ribble and Craven Arts Society for your generous donation towards our art week which was just before Easter.  The money enabled us to fund visits by two artists – Chas Jacobs, who specialises in landscapes who worked with Y1 to Y4 children and Chris Ryder, a caricaturist who worked with the children in Y5 and Y6 to produce some beautiful pieces.
Each class also focused upon an artistic style including Abstract, Pop Art, Minimalism, Naïve Art, Art Deco, Contemporary, Cubism and Surrealism.  In addition, children in Reception Class experienced a wonderful visit to Whitworth Art Gallery. At the end of the week, every child had a piece of artwork in an exhibition in the hall
 Feedback from the children and from parents regarding the week was extremely positive.
 As school budgets get tighter, your donation really helped to enrich the curriculum.”
 Richard Blackburn
Whalley Church of England Primary School
Brookside Primary School, Clitheroe


A grant received from Ribble and Craven Young Arts allowed pupils from Year 3, aged 7 and 8, from Brookside Primary School, Clitheroe, to take part in a Pottery Project supporting their work on ‘Civilizations’.

  • Pupils researched both ancient Egyptian and Greek Civilizations. Tuition from potter Julie Miles
  • Pupils planned and sketched their designs, they were taught how to handle the clay and the tools
  • Egyptian Canopic Jar heads were created, wonderful designs emerged
  • A lot of concentration was needed.  Thumb pots which were used as a base to build Greek urns and vases

The grant also provided for all school staff to receive a training session on using clay and the school kiln to support work across the curriculum and ensure future sustainability

The project was well received by pupils, staff and parents

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Membership gives you access to The Arts Society Ribble & Craven lectures, study days, trips and volunteering activities. You will also gain access to The Arts Society national and regional events and lectures. Plus, the excellent Review Magazine will be sent to your address.


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